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Reenactor Registration - 150th Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek

The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, in cooperation with Belle Grove, presents the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek. On these lands where the last great battle of the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley took place, we will welcome thousands of reenactors from across the nation and around the world to  portray those individuals who fought for their beliefs, in a nation divided.

Artillery units must register with their gun, as a complete unit, by hard copy registration. The artillery registration form can be downloaded here Artillery Registration_Packet 2014. All bounties will be disbursed by the overall Artillery Commander for each army. Please refer cannon bounty questions to the artillery commanders.

Standards, Rules and Regulations for the event can be found here 2014 Event Standards Rules and Regulations


Pre-registration is now closed. Visit us at the event for Walk-on Registration.

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