Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park

Our museum displays artifacts and materials that tell the story of the Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1864

The centerpiece of this 18 acre Civil War Park is the Hupp’s Hill Cedar Creek Museum where the story of the 1864 Valley campaign is told through artifacts, collections and theater presentations. The walking trails wind through well preserved earthworks and tell the story of the property’s occupation by Federal troops in 1864.

The museum has a fully stocked gift shop/bookstore that enables guests to take home a wide variety of items by which they can remember their visit. Public outreach-education events are held regularly with artillery demonstrations with cannons firing, cavalry demonstrations with horses and reenactors, and other fun and educational events for the visiting public.


The site also houses the Strasburg Gateway to Shenandoah Visitor Center. The visitor center is a state certified visitor center and serves as a place for information and relaxation for visitors to the area.

Stop by and visit Hupp’s Hill Civil War Park, learn about the action that occurred in late 1864, and visit the museum to further your understanding of the Valley Campaign of 1864.

The Hupp’s Hill Cedar Creek Museum

The Hupp’s Hill Gift Shop/Bookstore

Hupp's Hill Civil War Park and Museum

Gateway to Shenandoah Visitor Center


33229 Old Valley Pike, Strasburg, VA 22657

(540) 465.5884

Hours of Operation Daily  9am – 5pm

Museum Admission $5 Children 10 & under are free

Hupp's Hill Civil War Park

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